1.Urad dhal(uluntham paruppu)- 1 cup

2.Onion- 1(or)2

3.Green chillies -2

4.Whole black pepper- 1 ½ tsp

5.Curry leaves-10 leaves.

6.Salt-As required.

7.Oil- for deep frying


1.Soak the urad dhal for 2  hours.

2.After soaking, grind it in mixie, adding little water.

3.Cut Onion,add that to the batter along with chopped green chillies,pepper,curry leaves and salt.


4.In a kadai ,heat oil(quantity of oil used should be such that vadai batter should completely immerse in the oil).

5.Take some batter in your hand,make it into round shape.Put hole in the middle using thumb finger.


6.Gently drop it into oil .Fry in low flame and flip over other side also.

7.At  a time put 3-4 rounded batter into the oil and fry.

8.When vadai color changes to golden brown,remove from the oil.

9.Now vadai is ready.Serve with coconut chutney(or) sambar.

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